Zelda: Skyward Sword Gratitude Crystal Quest Guide – Kina’s Pumpkin Assistant

Besides your quest to find Zelda, there are plenty of side activities to do in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, including helping the residents of Skyloft and earning Gratitude Crystals. These small gems are crystallized bits of happiness, and you can trade them to a certain character for rewards like bigger wallets, making them especially valuable.

While some Gratitude Crystals can be found out in the open, you’ll receive most of them after completing a side quest for one of the many characters found in Skyloft and the other floating islands in the sky, including Kina at the Lumpy Pumpkin bar. Here’s what you need to do to complete Kina’s side quest and earn her Gratitude Crystals. Be sure to also check out our Skyward Sword HD guides roundup for more tips and guides, as well as our Zelda: Skyward Sword HD review.

Kina’s Pumpkin Assistant

Location: Near the pumpkin patch at the Lumpy Pumpkin

Prerequisites: Must defeat The Imprisoned for the second time, finish the Fire Sanctuary, and obtain the heart piece from the Lumpy Pumpkin questline

During the Lumpy Pumpkin shopkeeper’s questline, you’ll spend time helping Kina on Pumpkin Landing carry her pumpkins over to the storage shed. Later on, you’ll find that Kina needs help tending to the pumpkin patch. As eager as Link might be, he isn’t fit for the task. Fi will set a dowsing target to find the Mogma that is truly suited for the job. Head to the entrance of Eldin Volcano, where you skydive into the base of the volcano after entering via the steam vent. The elder is located on one of the platforms below, so keep an eye out when you dive into the volcano’s void. Once you speak to him, Scrapper will once again step in to haul him back above the clouds. Converse with Kina to receive your crystals.

For details on the rest, be sure to read our Gratitude Crystal quest roundup, including walkthroughs for each one, locations for individual Gratitude Crystals, and the rewards you can get from exchanging them.

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