Xbox Update Lets You Use Your Xbox 360 Gamerpic

Microsoft has launched a new Xbox feature that lets you change your gamerpic to what it was back in the Xbox 360 days. Xbox Insiders who are part of the Alpha Skip Ahead program (which you can opt into at any time) can now select their Xbox 360 gamerpic from the “change gamerpic” screen.

This may require a reboot, Xbox’s Eden Marie said on Twitter (via Eurogamer). Also of note, it will only work if you had an Xbox 360 back then and had a gamerpic assigned. If, for whatever reason, you change your Xbox 360 gamerpic on that console, this will also apply to your new Xbox.

Hey all, I know a bunch of you were asking for a way to go back to your Xbox 360 gamerpic. Exploration Time to the rescue!If you’re an Alpha Skip Ahead Insider, you may need to reboot your console, but starting today you’ll find a new option in your “change gamerpic” screen.

— Eden Marie (@neonepiphany) September 21, 2021

FYI, this will only show up if you’ve ever had an Xbox 360 gamerpic, and if your current gamerpic isn’t already your Xbox 360 gamerpic. Once it’s set, any future changes you make on an Xbox 360 console will automatically carry over.

— Eden Marie (@neonepiphany) September 21, 2021

This feature comes out of Microsoft’s Exploration Time program, through which Xbox employees working on the Experiences team can take a half day each week to work on anything they want.

The Xbox 360 gamerpics definitely do look dated, as the newer options are far more robust and detailed. But it’s a neat option to have in any event, and worth checking out just to see what your last Xbox 360 gamerpic was. The Xbox 360 was a very successful console and had many excellent games, and it’s fun to see its lineage continue in this way.

Microsoft remains committed to Xbox hardware these days with the Xbox Series X|S, but the company is also looking to move beyond console gaming to help reach 2 billion gamers around the world. Microsoft is doing this by bringing more of its games to PC and launching a cloud streaming service.

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