Where to Buy the Xiaomi (Mi) Pad 5: Latest Stock Updates

Xiaomi’s latest Pad 5 Series include the Mi Pad 5, Mi Pad 5 Pro (Wi-Fi), and Mi Pad 5 Pro (5G) – three affordable but powerful tablets designed to rival the premium slates of Apple and Samsung with specs such as 120Hz displays, stylus and keyboard support, 8K mAh batteries, and the Snapdragon 870 processor.

The trio originally released in China on 16 August and then to the rest of the world at Xiaomi’s 15 September global launch (where it notably dropped the ‘Mi’ prefix on its devices). 

Xiaomi also announced new 11T and 11T Pro handsets at the global launch, budget variants of its Mi 11 handset. See where to buy those handsets and the flagship Mi 11 in the UK.

Of the three tablets, only the entry-level Pad 5 is reaching the UK with sales having started on 23 September.

While the base-level Pad 5 doesn’t offer the Pad 5 Pro’s 5G connectivity or Snapdragon 870 chip, you do get solid internals including a bigger 8,720mAh battery (with 33W fast charging), quad surround-sound speakers with Dolby Atmos, and an 11in 120Hz LCD display with a 2.5K resolution (2560×1600) – the same as the Pro’s.

The Pad 5 is powered by the very capable Snapdragon 860 too, which you’ll find on the beastly Poco X3 Pro.

Here we’re looking at where you can buy the Xiaomi Pad 5 in the UK and how much it’ll cost you.

If you want to dive into all the technical nitty-gritties, here’s everything there is to know about the Pad 5 Series.

When does the Mi Pad 5 release?

The Pad 5 releases on 23 September via Xiaomi following a launch on 15 September (just a day after Apple announced the new iPad 9, iPad mini 6, iPhone 13 and Apple Watch 7).

Where to buy the Xiaomi Pad 5 in the UK – Stock update

Right now, the Pad 5 is only available to buy directly from Xiaomi with early bird pricing that knocks £70 off.

The only problem is it’s entirely sold out. In the UK, the Pad 5 sold out within 10 minutes of it going on sale. You can sign up to get notified ffrom Xiaomi when stock returns, though it’s likely the price will return to the full £369 then. 

The Pad 5 is also sold out at Xiaomi Spain and Xiaomi Germany where there was €100 off.

There is some availability over at eBay but we would recommend buying directly from Xiaomi whe possible, as it’s cheaper and less risky.

We’ll update this article with more retailers if UK availability grows.

Pricing: How much does the Mi Pad 5 cost? 

Pad 5: 6GB RAM + 128GB storage –  £369 (reduced to £299) – 

The Pad 5 Pro aren’t releasing in the UK, but you can see approximate pricing below:

Pad 5 Pro (Wi-Fi): 6GB RAM + 128GB storage – ¥2499 (around £280/€330/US$385/AU$525)
Pad 5 Pro (Wi-Fi): 6GB RAM + 256GB storage – ¥2799 (around £310/€370/US$430/AU$590)
Pad 5 Pro (5G): 8GB RAM + 256GB storage – ¥3499 (around £390/€460/US$540/AU$735)

See our full review of the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4. We’re also looking at the best tablets of the year if you want to see how the competition stacks up.

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