Where to Buy the Poco F4 GT: Best Deals

Where To Buy The Poco F4 GT: Best Deals

Xiaomi sub-brand Poco has quickly made a name for itself by releasing good quality, affordable, reliable smartphones. They often have higher specs than their prices would suggest.

This is true of the Poco F4 GT, a gaming focussed phone that we awarded a glowing 9/10 review to.

It’s a rare gaming phone that has a subtle design that could pass for a regular phone, unlike some of its competitors in the market.

If you want to buy the Poco F4 GT, we’ve rounded up the best places to do so here.

When is the Poco F4 GT coming out?

The Poco F4 GT is already available widely in Europe and is currently available for pre-order in the UK before it goes on general sale on 31 May.

It’s not available in the US.

How much does the Poco F4 GT cost?

The phone is available in two models. The 8GB RAM/128GB storage option costs €599 in Europe, while the 12GB/256GB version is €699.

In the UK the phone is on offer at an early bird price of £499. The best news is this is for the higher end 12GB/25GB model, so this is a superb deal. The regular price will be £699 after the offer ends at 11:59pm UK time on 30 May.

Best Poco F4 GT deals

The best Poco F4 GT deal is the UK pre-order price of £499, which is available directly from Poco or from Amazon UK.

Where to buy the Poco F4 GT SIM-free

The Poco F4 GT is only available unlocked and SIM-free from retailers.

In the UK, you can get the 12GB/256GB model directly from Poco or from Amazon UK. Only the black version is available.

In Europe you can buy the Poco F4 GT from Amazon Germany, Amazon Spain, and Amazon France. Unlike the UK, these countries get the cheaper €599 model and the choice of black, grey, or yellow colourways.

Where to buy the Poco F4 GT on contract

At the moment Poco does not have any carrier partners in Europe stocking the F4 GT, so if you want the phone, you’ll have to purchase it at full price upfront.

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