Samsung The Frame 2021 Hits Lowest Ever Price

Televisions were always the most wanted item back when Black Friday was a physical trolley dash and they remain some of the best deals now. However, you can get Samsung’s The Frame TV at its lowest price without having to elbow fellow shoppers out the way.

Black Friday has become something of a chaotic month-long event where many offers aren’t as good as they seem so you might be wondering ‘is it a good deal?’ or ‘should I buy it?’. Well, we can confirm that Amazon’s price for The Frame is the lowest for any retailer to date and offers free one-day delivery with Prime.

Now at £359, it’s at least £20 cheaper than rivals. This limited-time deal ends on 29 November, aka Cyber Monday, so it doesn’t look like Amazon will drop the price any lower.

Get The Frame 2021 for £359 at Amazon

Is this a good deal?

Full disclosure, the discount advertised for £240 off is a tad misleading. Sure, the original price of this TV was £599 but it’s been sold at £399 for a while and Samsung now quotes £399 as the RRP on the official store.

If you do buy it via Samsung, it’s still a decent price of £379 with free delivery and you can claim a 5-year warranty if you redeem it within 90 days of purchase. That peace of mind could well be worth the extra £20.

Get The Frame 2021 for £379 at Samsung

Samsung is offering similar discounts on The Frame for customers in the US.

The specific model in question here is the QE32LS03TCUXXU, or in human terms, the 2021 model of The Frame in a 32in size. There are larger sizes that have a 4K Ultra HD resolution but this Full HD model is great for the kitchen, bedroom or other rooms where it’s perhaps not the main TV.

It comes with Wi-Fi and a wide range of on demand streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+ and Disney+ built-in so you needn’t spend any extra money to get binge watching on the major players. There’s also support for Alexa.

Samsung has created it, as the name suggests, to blend into the décor. The design looks like a framed piece of art and the bezel can be customised with different colours and materials (sold separately).

The Art Mode uses clever QLED panel technology to display artwork while not in use, so it’s also a digital photo frame of sorts. You can display your own images or subscribe to Samsung’s Art Store to access over 1,400 pieces of art.

It’s designed to be wall-mounted but can be placed on flat surfaces with legs, too. Either way, the Samsung One Connect box means you only have to run a single discrete cable to the TV itself. Everything else, including power and set-top boxes, is attached to the One Box.

Still not sure? Read our full Samsung The Frame 2021 review where we scored the TV 9/10 and gave it our Tech Advisor Recommended award. It’s one of the best TVs this year.

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