Ooni’s Having a Flash Sale With 20% Off Its Pizza Oven

Whether you’re looking to impress friends or simply enjoy making and cooking your own pizzas in a traditional wood-fired oven, then you’re probably aware of Ooni.

Ooni offers a wide range of ovens, including affordable and portable models that you can move around as and when you need to.

This weekend only there’s a site-wide sale with 20% off everything Ooni sells. So you’ll get a discount off not just an oven but all the accessories you need – and of course the wood pellets used for fuel.

As an example, Ooni’s most affordable oven, the Fyra 12 is normally £249 / $349, but it’s down to just £199 / $279 until 30 May. 

We’ve reviewed the Fyra 12 and gave it our coveted Recommended award thanks to its ease of use, great build quality and the fact it can cook delicious 12in pizzas in just 60 seconds.

There’s no need for a code: prices are already reduced.

Get 20% off Ooni pizza ovens and accessories

The biggest saving, of course, is on the most expensive models including the new Karu 16, below, which we’ve also reviewed.

This is usually £699 / $799, but with the 20% off deal, it’s £559 / $639, saving £140 / $140. And you’ll save even more if you get your pizza peel and anything else you need, such as a cutter, serving board and even a pizza topping station at the same time.

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