It’s Batman Versus Gandalf In Rumored New Warner Bros. Fighting Game

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the gaming division of the media giant, might be working on a multiverse-themed platform fighter featuring Batman, Gandalf, and other WB characters duking it out in a Smash Bros.-style fighting game.

Over the weekend, a rumor popped up on Reddit regarding a new crossover platform fighting game featuring WB characters. The post said this game was in development at Mortal Kombat studio NetherRealm, but reporter Jeff Grubb said that isn’t true (though the game “is real,” Grubb said).

Characters in this rumored game are said to include Shaggy from Scooby Doo, Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings, Tom & Jerry, Batman, Fred Flintstone, Mad Max, Johnny Bravo, and potentially Harry Potter and Ron (though their inclusion is not a sure thing, the report said).

On September 27, Warner Bros. filed a trademark application for a new game called “Multiversus.” Whether or not the rumor and Multiversus are connected is unknown.

Is Multiversus the name of WB’s rumored fighting game?

WB has yet to make an official announcement, so all of this should be taken with a grain of salt for now. While reports have suggested NetherRealm is not working on this rumored game, Grubb said the studio is currently developing Mortal Kombat 12. Fans have been waiting for NetherRealm to make Injustice 3 as well, but whether or not that ever happens remains to be seen.

GameSpot has contacted Warner Bros. in an attempt to learn more. Keep checking back for the latest.

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