How To Open The Shopping Plaza On Harv’s Island In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Among the new additions in the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update is the ability to open a shopping plaza. This won’t happen directly on your island, but instead on Harv’s Island. Here’s what you need to know to get started and how it all works.

How to open the new shops

To get started, head over to Harv’s Island, which can be accessed by going to the airport on your island and saying you want to fly. (Note: You’ll want to have at least 100,000 bells on you to save you a bit of time.) Once you’re there, Wilbur will point out that Harvey appears to be AWOL, but follow the newly installed path to the right of the house and you’ll encounter both Harvey and Harriet. Harvey will explain his ambitions to open a shopping plaza in this new area and the need for, ahem, some capital.

That money will come from you, of course, and each of the shops costs 100,000 bells to open. A series of Lloid gyroids are scattered around the area, each at the site of one of the potential shops you can open. Eventually, you’ll be able to open them all, but once you donate the requisite 100,000 to the one you want to open first, you won’t be able to donate any further on that day. That chosen shop will then open the following day.

What shops can you open?

Talking to each of the Lloids will give you a semi-vague description of the corresponding shop that will open once you donate enough cash. These are all familiar faces if you’ve been playing the Animal Crossing series for a long time, but here’s an overview of what each of the shops is, starting clockwise from the bottom-left location.

Mysteriously accurate fortune-teller — KatrinaKatrina

Katrina the fortune teller will reveal your fortune for the current day.

Merchant offering rugs and mysterious wallpapers — SaharaSahara

Several of the shops here serve as permanent homes for some of the periodic visitors you get on your island, including Sahara. Here, you’ll be able to buy a selection of rugs and wallpapers.

Old-timer who’ll give you access to your home storage — TortimerTortimer

Tortimer, the former mayor in past Animal Crossing games, will allow you to access your home storage from Harv’s Island. That should come in handy once you have access to the next shop…

Talented husband-and-wife furniture-refurbishing team — Cyrus and ReeseCyrus and Reese

Cyrus and Reese will let you customize furniture that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. When viewed from their shop menu, these items will be marked with a special icon to designate them as customizable only at this location. The cost will be bells, rather than customization kits.

Botany expert with the greenest of thumbs — LeifLeif

Leif is a notable one, as this is where you’ll be able to buy items needed for both the new cooking and farming aspects of the update.

Legitimate art dealer — ReddRedd

While legitimate might be a stretch, this will serve as a new location for buying both art and certain furniture items.

Dapper dealer of fine shoes and handbags — KicksKicks

Kicks will sell footwear, bags, and backpacks, as always.

Which shop should you open first?

Unless you have a strong desire to immediately have access to more shoes or art or what have you, Leif is the easy choice here. He sells wheat and other new plants seeds that you can grow, and given that process will take some time to get started, unlocking Leif as soon as you can will let you more fully immerse yourself in the farming and cooking sides of the new update.

New haircutsOne of the new hairstyles

One other new component of Harv’s Island involves Harriet. Once you get the plaza going, Harriet will offer you a random new haircut. You’re limited to getting just one per day, but once you receive it, it’s permanently unlocked as a customization option for you.

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