How To Complete Disco Bunny Easter Egg In CoD: Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies Mauer Der Toten

Call of Duty’s Season 4 Reloaded update for Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies adds the new round-based map Mauer der Toten, and one of the best parts of a new map is discovering all of Treyarch’s fun Easter egg surprises. Mauer der Toten lets you get your boogie on with a fun disco bunny Easter egg that works similar to the Coffin Dance Easter eggs found on the Die Maschine and Firebase Z maps.

There really aren’t any prerequisites for completing this disco Easter egg, other than you just need to have certain areas of the map opened up. If you’ve already followed our guide to opening up the map to turn on the power and activate Pack-A-Punch, then you’re going to be good to go for this quest. However, I’d recommend getting a Pack-A-Punch weapon before attempting this Easter egg, especially if playing solo. The zombies can become overwhelming for the final part of this quest.

Find The Bunny Parts

You’ll need to collect a total of six plushie parts that assemble the Mystery Box rabbit from various locations around Mauer der Toten. The bunny pieces can be found in the following locations:

In the Sewer Access area near some trash:

Sewer Access trash pile

On a shelf in the Department Store, which is at the Wunderfizz perk location:

Department Store

On an end shelf in the Grocery Store with some beer bottles:

Grocery Store beer shelf

On a booth seat in the Bar, near the Juggernog Perk machine:

Booth seat in the Bar

On a desk in Hotel Room 304:

Desk in Hotel Room 304

In the Alley near a pile of tires, which is just off East Berlin Street and near the rappel you access for the Garment Factory:

Tire pile in the AlleySurvive The Disco

Once you have all pieces of the bunny, you’ll automatically be teleported to a new area of the map. You’re transported to a disco nightclub to face off against more of the undead.

You’ll need to survive three waves of zombie enemies, which include elite enemies like Manglers and Mimics. Afterwards, you’ll be able to head onstage where the assembled bunny is located. You can pick between doors 1, 2, or 3 for a reward. The rewards behind the door seem to be a random prize. Some players report getting a golden chest of loot, while others got the Juggernog perk. However, if you’re like me and try to attempt this without Pack-A-Punching first and don’t kill all the zombies in a certain amount of time, you’ll be teleported back to the map with just Power-up rewards like a Max Ammo. So, again, I’d recommend getting a Pack-A-Punch weapon before attempting this Easter egg, especially if playing solo.

If you’re looking for more quests to do on Mauer der Toten, maybe try using our guide to activate the robot ally named Klaus. He can protect you and help reach more areas of the map.

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