Halo MCC Is Getting An Equippable Grunt Plush And More For The Franchise’s Anniversary

With 20 years of Halo just around the corner, developer 343 Industries has some special plans for anyone who plans to keep playing the Master Chief Collection through the year. To celebrate the franchise’s upcoming anniversary, a new set of armor that old fans of the franchise should recognize is available, but more is on the way. Soon, players will be able to strap an original Xbox or a grunt plushie to their Spartans.

As of November 3, Halo: The Master Chief Collection players can equip their Halo 2 era Spartans with Orion armor. While this armor set may sound unfamiliar, it’s what Master Chief first wore in the original reveal of Halo, way back in 1999. Along with the armor set, players can also purchase new weapon skins and nameplates, including one with Microsoft’s infamous helper, Clippy.

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However, 343 will continue doling out new, wacky cosmetics via The Master Chief Collection’s exchange over the coming weeks. Starting on November 10, for instance, players can throw an original Xbox and original Xbox controller onto their Spartans as armor. In December, players will be able to unlock more cosmetics, including Xbox-themed backpacks, a massive Grunt plushie, and Xbox-themed weapon skins, all for Halo 3.

The first round of Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s anniversary cosmetics.The second round of Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s anniversary cosmetics.

It’s worth noting though that a lot of those rewards are going to be made available after Halo Infinite releases. The game, which consists of a campaign and free-to-play multiplayer, is set to launch on December 8, well before some of the Master Chief Collection’s anniversary cosmetics. 343 Industries will likewise slow down its support for Halo: MCC after Halo Infinite releases, although new content for the game is still on the way.

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