Google’s 24-Hour Birthday Sale Offers 20% Off Pixel, Nest & More

Google often has a birthday sale on the official store and 2021 is no different, with 20% off almost anything as well as bigger discounts to find as part of the Treasure Hunt. Find all the discounts on the Google store.

You’ll have to be quick though because the discount is only available today with savings of over £265 on some of the best Google products such as the Pixel 5 smartphone, Pixelbook Go, and bundles of smart home devices.

The discount code you need is ‘GOOGLEBDAY’ which you can apply at checkout to get 20% off storewide with only a few products excluded, such as the Chromecast with Google TV, Nest Hello, Nest Camera indoor, FitBit Charge 5, FitBit Charge 4 Tracker.

However, that leaves a lot left to shop. One of the best deals is on the excellent Pixel 4a, which got a Recommended Award in our review. It’s already affordable at £349 but with 23% off you can get it for just £268.73. You can also get 20% off the Pixel 4a 5G or Pixel 5, which drops prices to £399.20 (originally £499) and £479.20 (originally £599), respectively. See our full Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 reviews.

The Google Chromecast and Nest Audio also have 23% off taking them from £30 to £23.10 and £89.99 to £69.29, respectively. Excellent prices if you want to stream a wealth of content to your TV or get a bargain on one of the best smart speakers on the market.

Google’s Pixelbook Go Chromebook is included too, saving you over £265 on the top-spec model and you can save on other devices like the Pixel Buds A, Nest Wifi, and much more.

Another tempting deal is £40 off the Nest Cam Indoor taking it down to £89.99. The final option in the connected home section is a 6-pack of Nest Protect 2nd gen smoke and CO alarms with £78 off.

The rest of Google’s birthday sale bundles devices ranging from a pair of Nest Mini speakers to a full home monitoring pack including the Nest Hub Max and three cameras.

Head to the Google Store to see all these deals. Here are the package deals available:

Front Door Monitoring Package

Save £30 – Now £239.98

Outdoor Monitoring Package

Save £30 – Now £239.98

Total Security Package

Save £70 – Now £508.98

Nest Cam (2-pack) & Nest Hub

Save £50 – Now £399.97

Nest Cam (2-pack) & Nest Hello & Nest Hub Max

Save £80 – Now £678.97

Play and Watch with Google TV Package

Save £29 – Now £89.99

Save £39 – Now £99.99 (with Ethernet)

Nest Audio (2-pack)

Save £20 – Now £159.98

Home of Entertainment Package

Save £50 – Now £408.97

Chromecast with Google TV (2-pack), plus Netflix for 6 months

Save £10 – Now £139.98

Around the House Package

Save £30 – Now £248.99

Nest Mini (2-pack)

Save £15 – Now £83

Google’s birthday sale ends at midnight. Check it out before it ends.

We’re also comparing the best Google Nest devices.

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