Get A Refurbished Wii U For $236 Right Now

The Wii U may no longer be in production, but it’s still a great console for playing a bunch of Nintendo exclusives as well as classic titles from Nintendo history. A refurbished Wii U is now 32% off; you can grab this piece of Nintendo history on sale for only $236 (reg. $349)

Released in 2012, the Wii U may be in the shadow of the more popular Switch, but Nintendo fans who didn’t pick one up originally can still find value in the console today. In particular, the Wii U’s eShop has far more retro options than the Switch, including Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 64 games.

The console comes with all of the components you need, including an HDMI cable, gamepad, and sensor bar along with the system’s built-in camera, microphone, and motion sensors so you can bring your games to life in your at-home entertainment system.

The Wii U is home to a whole suite of family-friendly games, and it’s also backwards compatible with original Wii titles.

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