Get £50-£70 off a Samsung cordless cleaner in the UK

Samsung’s cordless cleaners are some of the most powerful around. They’re light, have strong suction and features including 40-60 minutes of cleaning time, a swappable battery, a telescopic wand, HEPA filter and some brilliant cleaning attachments. 

The most powerful cleaner on offer is the Jet 90 Pet, which we reviewed and rated 4.5 stars out of 5.

It’s currently available for £499, down from £549. The only difference from the model we tested is that the Pet edition does not come with a spinning sweeper.

About the Jet 90

Its specs are among the best on the market for a cordless. It’s lighter than Dyson’s V11, with similarly powerful suction.

What really makes it different from competitors is how comfortable it is to use. It has a telescopic wand, which you can set to one of four settings. This means you can adjust it to your height – exactly – and won’t need to stoop while cleaning.

It also comes with a lot of well-designed cleaning accessories. There’s a jointed attachment so you can create a 90-degree angle between the brush head and the machine, for easily cleaning the tops of shelves, cabinets and bookcases.

It has a removable battery, so you can charge it separately if you want, or buy a spare and double its 60-minute cleaning time. That means you have up to two hours of vacuuming before you have to worry about recharging

And not only is the HEPA filter removable and washable by hand, but if you have a sensitivity to dust, it’s compatible with the Samsung Clean Station, for a bagged dust-free system.

When the Jet 90 is full, stick it into the Clean Station, and it’ll suck out and store the dust in a bag that only needs to be changed once a month. You can check out our review of the Clean Station to find out more.

The bin capacity is just 0.5 litres, which is one of the only things about this cleaner that’s not ideal – you’ll need to empty it mid-clean if you have heavy vacuuming to do.

Our only other reservation about the Powerstick Jet relates to storage space. You’ll need a dedicated spot near a plug to set up the charging stand (the Z stand), which is an integral part of the cleaner. It’s how you charge it and where you hang its (many) accessories. 

The Jet 90 Pet usually retails for £549, but you can currently buy it for £499. We don’t know how long the deal will run for, so don’t hang around.

Visit Samsung to see all the deals or have a look at our round-up of the best vacuum cleaners we’ve tested for more cordless cleaner options.

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