Destiny 2 Shattered Realm – Debris of Dreams Awoken Data Caches Guide

As you upgrade your Wayfinder’s Compass in Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost, you can unlock new mysteries hidden in the Shattered Realm, one of the new areas added with the season. Among those mysteries are Awoken Data Caches, which you’ll want to find to unlock new information about the story as it unfolds and to earn Triumphs as part of the game’s Seasonal Challenges.

The Awoken Data Caches require you to have the Frequency Echoes upgrade for your Wayfinder’s Compass, so make sure you’re clearing your Seasonal Challenges and buying upgrades with Parallax Trajectory in order to unlock it. Here’s where to find the three Awoken Data Caches in the Debris of Dreams location in the Shattered Realm.

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HarbingersFrom the first beacon, look for a True Sight marker near the edge of the cliff when looking toward the second beacon. That’ll show you a path to The Vista, a distant island covered in a green Field of Strife suppression debuff.

According to the Triumph, the first Data Cache you’re looking for is in the Derelict Shipyard area, but that’s actually not quite true. You really want to head to the area called The Vista, and the best way to get there is from the first beacon. After aligning the beacon, head back toward the path you climbed to reach the building with the beacon inside. With your back toward the round building you came through to arrive in the Ascendant Plane, you should see another island across from you, glowing green thanks to the Field of Strife debuff covering the ground.

A True Sight marker should be waiting for you near the edge of the cliff ahead, revealing a path that will take you across to the far island. This is The Vista, and it’ll have some enemies to fight as you arrive. Take them out and use the True Sight marker here to reveal the Data Cache. It looks like a floating orb, and you’ll see it when you face toward the rest of the level, to the right of where you arrived.

Corsair’s TaleUse this Barrier Door in The Industrial Facility to get to the teleporter that’ll take you to The Overlook.

The second data cache is easiest to find while you’re doing the Refined Power Ascendant Mystery (check out our Ascendant Mysteries guide for more on that). Head to the Industrial Facility area, to the right of The Ruined Outpost, which is the central island where you first enter Debris of Dreams, if your back is to the entrance. You’ll know you’re in the right place because of the big tan Eliksni buildings there. When you arrive, look for a Barrier you can pass through to get into the building, which leads to a teleporter.

Inside the small hut, you’ll find a treasure chest for a mystery and the Data Cache to the left.

The teleporter will deposit you on another distant island called The Overlook. While you’re here, look for a True Sight marker and activate it, then head to a small hut near the side of the island. Go inside and look to the left to find the Data Cache.

The ConjuringFrom the second beacon, jump back across to the round platform with the column in the center that includes an opening. Go inside, climb up to the top of the shaft, and open the door just beyond that the Scorn are messing with.

For the final Data Cache, you’ll need to do at least part of the Ascendant Mystery called The First Rule. Align the second beacon in the Derelict Shipyard, then had to the door in the central column on the platform across from the beacon. You’ll see a ladder leading up and you can jump and climb to the top, where you’ll see two Scorn messing with a panel attached to a door. Kill them and open the door, and inside you’ll find a bunch of Scorn doing some ritual combat. Once they’re dead, use the Barrier Breach marker to proceed through the blocked Barrier door.

Head through the Barrier door and follow the path until you get outside, past the laser trip mines. Outside, follow the cliff path to the right until you reach a True Sight marker.

Follow his path through a few more Barriers; this whole area also has the green Field of Strife debuff that will slow you down. Keep moving through the areas with the laser trip mines until you reach a barrier door with a whole bunch of mines on it. Dash through to get outside unscathed, then turn right and follow the path around the edge of the cliff.

Activate True Sight and then look to the left, along the stony path behind you. The Beacon is just in the corner, next to the metal wall.

You’ll eventually come to another Barrier door leading you back inside, but you can ignore that for now. Instead, look for a True Sight marker. It’ll reveal a path of Ascendant platforms leading off into space, but you can ignore them for now too. Instead, turn back and look at the path you just walked to get to this point. The last Data Cache is nestled in the corner back along the path, a few feet to your left if you’re looking at the floating Ascendant platforms.

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