Call Of Duty’s Most Iconic Maps Have Been Recreated In Lego

Have you ever looked at a Call of Duty map and wondered what it might look like constructed entirely out of Lego? Neither have I, but it turns out the answer is that it looks pretty cool. The folks at Diamond Lobby have designed eight epic Lego builds based on some of the most iconic Call of Duty maps, and we only wish they existed in real life.

While theoretically these Lego maps are possible to build, these ones have been constructed using the Bricklink Studio 2.0 software, with the help of designer Evghenii Loctev. In case you did want to try building one yourself, each map also includes what it would cost if you bought all the bricks in the build–though Diamond Lobby warns that some bricks used are rare and therefore pretty expensive.

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The images include eight iconic maps: Crash, Castle, Terminal, Firing Range, Rust, Nuketown, Slums, and Raid. Of all the maps that have been recreated, Crash would be the cheapest to actually build at $1340 for the 2167 bricks required. The most expensive is Terminal, with the giant plane requiring 18,043 bricks at a cost of $4,726.

Terminal is made up of 18,043 bricks and costs $4,726 to build. Image: Diamond LobbySlums is made up of 3,456 bricks and costs $1,591 to build. Image: Diamond LobbyRust is made up of 1,811 bricks and costs $1,810 to build. Image: Diamond LobbyRaid is made up of 14,152 bricks and costs $2,474 to build. Image: Diamond LobbyNuketown is made up of 5,953 bricks and costs $3,033 to build. Image: Diamond LobbyFiring Range is made up of 5,133 bricks and costs $1,988 to build. Image: Diamond LobbyCrash is made up of 2,167 bricks and costs $1,340 to build. Image: Diamond LobbyCastle is made up of 12,873 bricks and costs $2,508 to build. Image: Diamond Lobby

While these images make us dream of an official Call of Duty Lego set, the franchise seems to be licensed to Lego competitor Mega Bloks–though the rival toy company has produced a nice-looking Nuketown set.

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