Best Black Friday Switch Deals: Console Bundle, First-Party Games, Accessories, And More

Black Friday always offers the best opportunity to stock up on gaming products at steep discounts. And if you’re a Nintendo Switch user (or are eyeing a console this holiday), Black Friday tends to be even more noteworthy. Nintendo games and accessories don’t receive the same year-round discounts that we regularly see for PlayStation and Xbox. Now’s your chance to stock up on a bunch of Switch games for less. Also, if you’re looking for a Nintendo Switch bundle, Nintendo has brought back its familiar holiday bundle. We’ve rounded up the best Black Friday deals for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Black Friday console deals

Switch console + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + Switch Online for $300

The Nintendo Switch holiday bundle includes Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and three months of Switch Online. The bundle costs $300, which makes it the best Switch console deal around. It’s important to note that this bundle includes the updated Switch with better battery life. While Nintendo has offered this bundle every holiday for the last couple of years, you can bet that it will still sell out at major retailers. In fact, initial stock has already sold out at Amazon and GameStop. If you’re interested in this bundle, you may want to grab it ASAP.

As always, you can’t count on outright discounts on the Nintendo Switch by itself, but there is a chance we’ll see retailer-specific bundles. In previous years, we’ve seen Switch and Switch Lite bundles that include additional games and/or accessories and collectibles. That said, we don’t expect to see any Switch OLED deals. However, we’ll likely see it in stock at major retailers throughout the week.

Nintendo Switch Black Friday game deals

While we’ve seen more deals on Switch games than we’ve seen in previous Nintendo console generations, first-party Switch games still tend to hold their retail price far longer than games on PlayStation and Xbox. Often times, $50 (10 bucks off) is a great deal for popular Switch games, but a few times a year we see even steeper discounts, including on Black Friday. There are plenty of great Nintendo Switch game deals right now, including some of the best prices we’ve ever seen on first-party games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Link’s Awakening, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, and more.

Nintendo Switch Black Friday accessory deals

$59 (was $70)

The best Nintendo Switch controller, the Switch Pro controller is a great gamepad that makes playing games in docked mode far more comfortable (and conventional) than using the Joy-Cons. We typically don’t see huge discounts on the Pro controller, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it for $50 during Black Friday.

$69 (was $80)

If you’re looking for some extra Joy-Con controllers for multiplayer, you can save 11 bucks on two different color schemes at Amazon: Neon Purple/Neon Orange and Neon Blue/Neon Orange.

$45 (was $50)

This is the first discount we’ve seen on the 8BitDo Pro 2, our pick for the best Switch Pro controller alternative. The Pro 2 has a pair of back triggers that can be remapped on the fly as well as custom profiles. It connects via Bluetooth (so it works with other devices) and has rumble, motion controls, and rechargeable battery that lasts for 20 hours on a full charge.

$35 (was $55)

Animal Crossing fans can pick up the PowerA Nook Inc.-themed wireless controller for 20 bucks off right now. PowerA’s wireless controllers aren’t as high quality as the Switch Pro controller, but they have cool designs. Plus, this is just about as low as they get in terms of price.

$197 (was $250)

Yes, the AirPods Pro earbuds aren’t technically a Nintendo Switch accessory, but with the recent update adding Bluetooth support to the Switch, you can get some added versatility out of AirPods now. You might wind up using them more to listen to music on the go, but they are also great when you’re traveling with the Nintendo Switch. The AirPods Pro are currently on sale for $197, which is more than 50 bucks off the retail price.

Regardless of which Switch model you own, there are tons of awesome accessories available to make your Switch experience even better. Select accessories are absolute must buys, including a carrying case, screen protector, and traditional controller (Switch Pro or a third-party option). And with the Switch now supporting Bluetooth headsets, you could even look into picking up a nice pair of earbuds (AirPods) or a Bluetooth gaming headset (like the Razer Kaira Pro) during Black Friday.



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