Best Black Friday Gaming Chair Deals: Secretlab Chairs Are On Sale Right Now

Gaming chairs can get quite pricey, especially if you’re looking for lasting comfort and durability over years of use. Luckily, some of our favorite gaming chairs are on sale for Black Friday, including the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Series (our top pick). While the Secretlab chair deals are live now, the Mavix chairs listed below won’t be on sale until Thanksgiving. We’ve rounded up the best Black Friday gaming chair deals. We’ll add to this list as more gaming chair deals are revealed.

Best Black Friday Gaming Chair Deals

$30 off

Secretlab’s Titan Evo 2022 Series is our pick for the best gaming chair on the market. It improves on ergonomics, versatility, and durability, offering both premium comfort and style. The 2022 chairs are also available in a range of different sizes depending your unique body shape, with the pebble seat base featuring a cold-cure foam that’s formulated to be medium-firm on your posterior. A gentle curvature in the chair guides your posture toward the middle for a healthy emphasis on your sitting position, while the flared edges give you more room to move around.

Up to $40 off

Secretlab’s 2020 Titan and Omega chairs are a stylish collection of gaming chairs that feature more subtle designs and contours. Several of them also sport the logos of famous franchises, such as Overwatch, Batman, and Rust, with this range also packing prime PU leather and fabric materials, sturdy construction, and a five-year extended warranty. You can customize your own chair from a range of materials and finishes, ensuring that you get a seat that’s tailored to your unique tastes. While the Titan Evo is a better pick overall, you can’t go wrong with the 2020 Series either–it previously held the top spot on our list of the best gaming chairs.

$150 off

Secretlab’s most luxurious and high-end offering, the Titan Napa takes all the major selling points of the range and combines them with first-class materials, adjustable lumbar support, and high-density cold-cured foam that’ll form itself around your frame when you sit down. It’s admittedly an incredibly pricy chair, but for a seat this good-looking and comfortable, it’s worth every penny.

$444 (was $489)

Mavix’s M4 is a great chair for anyone who spends time gaming while enduring humid weather, as the mesh materials in this chair provide some much-needed ventilation. Dynamic variable lumbar support adjusts itself to your body every time you move, the armrests and neck support can be adjusted on the fly, and the chair has a very confident 12-year warranty plan. You can also add the optional Elemax heating and cooling massage component for 50% off, bringing your total savings to $153.

$555 (was $620)

The M5 also has a classy design with the same features as the M4, with an added selection of mesh materials that are designed to be cool, comfortable, and supportive. Various reclining positions can be locked into place, and an adjustable backrest height ensures that you get maximum support where you need it most. If you add Elemax to the M5, you’ll save $185 total.

$777 (was $860)

One of the biggest features on the M7 is the Deep Recline Responsive Support Mechanism, which allows the back to be reclined independently of the seat to ensure maximum support and comfort. There’s also a classy selection of additional materials, adjustable armrests, and Mavix’s signature head and neck support. The M7 also comes with a free Elemax upgrade, netting you a total savings of $290.

$1000 (Was $1,100)

The Mavix M9 is our pick for the best premium gaming chair around. Not only is it receiving a rare discount, but you also get the Elemax upgrade for free. You’ll save $330 overall on the full package. The M9 features all the usual cutting-edge chair tech seen in the rest of the M-series–dynamic variable lumbar support, extended recline technology, and armrests with plenty of swivel–but the big difference here is the material used in this chair. If mesh isn’t your thing, the M9 has memory foam that’ll mold itself to your body, but is just think enough to prevent you from feeling like you’re sinking into a marshmallow.

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