Animal Crossing: New Horizons Will Now Pull Your Weeds For You–For A Price

Pulling weeds can be a bit of a drag in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as many players who are returning to the game to check out the new content after a long break are discovering. Fortunately, there are some new options for dealing with them, including a new weeding service from Leif– though any cockroaches that popped up in your house during your hiatus will still need to be stomped by you.

The first of the two new options is part of the Beautiful Island ordinance. Enacting it will cause your villagers to finally chip in and help to spruce up the island, be it by watering flowers, retrieving junk from the water, or picking weeds. That should help to keep weeds at bay over time.

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However, if you’re flush with cash and/or desperate to deal with a ton of weeds in one go, Leif has you covered. His new store in the shopping plaza on Harv’s Island is the first one you should set up, as that’s where you’ll be able to buy produce starts, which are what you need to grow the new crops (and in turn let you cook food and drinks). Leif will also still buy weeds from you at a premium, just as he has in the past when he’d visit your island, but he now offers a new weeding service.

It’s not cheap–you’ll have to cough up 100,000 bells–but it will remove all weeds from your island in one go. The process takes a day, but the day after purchasing the service, all of the weeds will be plucked from your island, sparing you the trouble of dealing with them yourself. As an added bonus, the weeds will be thrown in the recycle box at Resident Services, letting you collect them for use in crafting (or just to make a small amount of cash).

This is one of the many quality-of-life improvements brought with the big 2.0 update, which marks the final major free update for New Horizons. Other nice touches include being able to store DIY recipes in your home storage, the ability to build a storage shed on the island that grants access to your home storage from anywhere, and permanent ladders that can be placed around the island.

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