Amazon Launches $59 Smart Thermostat With Alexa Integration

Amazon has announced its first smart thermostat, which it developed in partnership with Honeywell, one of the biggest names in heating.

The company didn’t go into much detail about the device during its annual devices launch but did say that it has deep integration with Alexa. This will allow it to adjust the heating based on whether you’re home or not, as well as being controllable via Alexa routines. 

For example, you could add it to your “Alexa, goodnight” routine so the heating turns off, or reduces to a temperature you specify.

Alexa can also program the heating for you, using ‘intelligence’ – possibly factors such as when you’re usually home and the temperature you like. We’re waiting for more details on exactly how this works along with the other features it offers.

Amazon said that it will work with most HVAC systems in the US – there’s no word on whether it will be available in other countries just yet.

It has a clean, white design with a LED display that shines through the plastic front, displaying the temperature and allowing you to turn it up or down.

When is the Amazon Smart Thermostat release date?

You can preorder a thermostat from Amazon today, and it costs $59.99 – much less than most smart thermostats, and undercutting the Nest Learning Thermostat and the Hive Active Heating.

It will also be available from energy suppliers as well, and after rebates it could cost you just $10 or even nothing at all. 

As we get more details we’ll update this article.

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