23andMe is on sale for $99 today

Peek behind the curtain.


By spitting into a tiny collection tube from 23andMe, you can discover how your DNA might shape who you are: your muscle composition, your snacking preferences, your sleeping habits and even your possible predispositions for health conditions like Type 2 Diabetes and Celiac Disease. And today, you can do it all for 50% off. 

The all-inclusive 23andMe Health + Ancestry genetic testing kit, which analyzes your family origins specific to more than 2,000 regions, typically goes for $199. But this Prime Day, 23andMe has slashed the price in half, allowing you to grab one from Amazon for just $99. (It’s a rare deal: In the past five years, the price on Amazon has only dropped this low once, for Black Friday.)

The kit tests for gene variants that may increase your chances of experiencing chronic kidney disease, age-related vision loss, Parkinson’s disease and other health issues. Being aware of these risks can help you make better informed decisions about your lifestyle: more than 75% of Health + Ancestry customers reported making healthier choices after receiving test results, 23andMe found in a survey.

The company emphasizes privacy, pledging to give you control over your personal information. You can opt in to submit your data for research, but you aren’t penalized for choosing not to.

If you’re curious how 23andMe measures up to AncestryDNA and other competitors, check out CNET senior editor Justin Jaffe’s review. 

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